Hrpivot is a leading provider of next -generation Human Resources Management solutions designed to simplify and optimize hr processes for businesses of all sizes.

The Needs Analysis gave us a clear picture of where we needed to take our HR department. We received a solid strategy as well as a deep understanding of what we were doing in HR and how it was impacting our business as a whole. - Guy Berry, COO HealthCare Sector

Mission and impact

Our mission is to empower businesses with a value based hr solution that drives an ROI when it comes to managing human capital. We develop strategic plans that are metric based providing a clear path to improve the overall workforce for our clients. We also leverage a diverse set of HR skill sets (team) to execute the strategic plan.

You can’t improve what you don’t measure

Our solutions are metric based which supports the ability to deliver timely results. We schedule regular meetings with our clients to review and make any necessary changes to the strategic plan.



With knowledge, skills & hard work

Our solutions provide accountability around the largest line -item expense for businesses. Accountability enables continuous improvement establishing an ROI, aligning this investment with other key metrics – sales, service, products, finance and capital improvements.

HRPivot starts with a fee based needs analysis – We use this to determine a baseline for each client focusing on products, processes and people and how well they support thew two main areas of hr – Organization developments and Compliance


Right strategies & implementations

“Make the plan, work the plan” with constant communication and feedback for positive growth.

Strategies for each the following –

  • Recruiting
  • Retention
  • Training 
  • Compliance  
  • Culture

Paul Jorgenson

President & Founder
Paul is committed to revolutionizing the HR landscape for our clients. Specializing in educating and enlightening business leaders on HRPivot’s cutting-edge value and metric-driven approach to Human Resources, Paul ensures not only top customer experience but also a remarkable return on investment. With a strong foundation in finance and proudly an alum of the University of Texas at San Antonio, Paul brings a dynamic perspective and expertise to redefine the way we approach HR.


Director of Account Management and HR Operations
With over 15 years of proficiency in Human Resources Management, Cassandra boasts extensive experience in client services. Holding a Master's degree in Human Resources and Employment Relations from Pennsylvania State University, Cassandra not only brings academic prowess but excels in cultivating strong relationships with HRPivot's clients. In addition to her HR expertise, Cassandra plays a key role in ensuring the seamless operation of the company. When she steps away from the professional arena, Cassandra indulges in quality family time and has a penchant for exploring new destinations.


Client Relationship Manager
Lori is a holder of a dual Bachelor's Degree in English and Creative Writing from the University of Arizona. With a wealth of experience in crafting job postings, designing workflow processes, and managing HRIS systems, she excels in various administrative tasks. While her professional pursuits are impressive, Lori's heart is dedicated to her faith and family. She takes center stage in caring for her two young children, her husband, and their lovable Goldendoodle.

Letty Gaytan

HR Coordinator
Letty, a seasoned professional with an impressive 20-year track record in the mortgage industry. Letty’s unwavering attention to detail, and stellar communication skills to our dynamic team. Her relatability to our company values sets her apart, making her an integral part of our corporate culture. Outside of the professional realm, Letty finds joy in the realms of literature and exploration, with a passion for reading and traveling to archaeological ruins.


HR Coordinator
Sylvia brings over 5 years of expertise in Human Resources, specializing in onboarding, offboarding, orientations, and employee relations, with a focus on the new hire department. Possessing robust customer service skills, she consistently fosters positive relationships with her clients. Outside of her professional endeavors, Sylvia enjoys skiing, exploring new destinations through travel, and cherishing moments with her husband, daughter, and extended circle of family and friends.

Christian Biddiscombe

HRIS Coordinator
With a commitment to excellence and a disciplined approach, Christian has seamlessly transitioned her military experience into the civilian sector, particularly within Human Resources. In addition to being highly skilled in Excel analytics and Word communication, Christian is also adept at using HR software efficiently. Christian enjoys spending time with her family during her free time.


HR Generalist
Assuming responsibility for various facets of HR, encompassing onboarding, orientations, and employee relations, Brooke plays a vital role in facilitating effective communication among managers and team members. With her adept interpersonal and customer service skills, she excels in nurturing authentic and positive relationships with diverse clients. Currently pursuing a Master of Science in Human Resource Management, Brooke is not only dedicated to her professional growth but also a passionate fan of the Buffalo Bills and the Red Sox.

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